Visual identity of The Borough of Babice

The Borough of Babice, located near Cracow, has a plan to increase its tourist attractivenes
and promote the Borough in Małopolska and Śląsk provinces. The Borough has good, however partially unused attractions – medieval ruins of the Lipowiec castle, XIX- th century heritage park with cottages, museum manor and historic wooden church.

After thorough cross-sectional analysis of the borough we have chosen courses of works
on strategy and identity:

- finding distinctive elements of the borough,
- creating original and attractive form of promotion,
- increasing tourist attractivenes of the most important spots in the borough,
- designing logo and visual identity that would characterize the borough,
- convincing the locals to the idea of the strategy and identity,
- implementing of the identity,
- creating and image campaign that would introduce the identity.

Products from Babice

While working on marketing strategy and visual identity, a lot of elements were discovered
that could be main products of the bourough if made with only small funds. The greatest tourist attraction – the castle, brings tourists mostly because of few events organized
by the borough (i.e. witch rally) and local groups (knights tournaments).

We proposed increasing the level of activities in the castle areas throughout the tourist season
by hiring people that would make hand-made products with traditional methods (coinage with emblem of Babice, candle manufacture). Similar solution could be implemented in a little rusty heritage park (ceramic manufacture, hand-made paper with identity of the borough).