Audit and brand strategy of Vetrex

Vetrex company is a Polish manufacturer and exporter of windows onto  several European markets. Brand strategy of Vetrex was completed as a result of a need of profound image changes. Brand strategy project was proceeded by an audit of the brand, and one of the elements was a research called a mystery shopper. On the basis of the test results an umbrella brand architecture of Vetrex was created along with the characteristics of sub-brands.
In addition, the foundations for system of behaviour and a code of ethics and a strategy have been developed for the promotion. Design of visual identity was the last stage of the works prior to the implementation of all changes.

The shape and colours of the logo

The shape of an emblem refers to the window frames, also uses the phenomenon of optical illusion causing the impression of space. The colours used in the visual identity symbolize: energy, elegance, modernity. The applied colours clearly define the nature of the company
as a dynamic company, professional, capable of processing technologies in an intelligent way into the new, aesthetic solutions.

Website layout 

For the purpose of the website, page layout and different graphics (i.e. technical sections
of window frames) were designed. Moreover its structure and functionality was determined.

A comprehensive visual identity design

The project included the basic visual identity (logo, claim, colours, stationery, promotional materials), external and internal identity (marking of buildings, vehicle fleet,'access characters). In collaboration with the interior designer we have designed company points of sell
and exhibition stands.