Visual identity of Koscierskie beer

Koscierzyna Brewery is a place where over 150 years ago beer manufacture started.
Design of a new identity of the brewery and of a golden drink manufactured there,
was preceeded with analysis of the brewery history and traditions of the Kaszuby region.
The idea of the project was to use Kashubian patterns and symbol of bears as a sign used
in a brewery years ago.
Polish and Kashubian name is put in the framing.

Original items (artefacts) that were used in a Brewery years ago, are graphically applied on beer pads. Other pads contain quotations about beer.

Website of The Brewery

Information about Brewery as well as about a beer itself, is within a stucture of a whole website of The Old Brewery of Koscierzyna. Graphics for the subpage were designed in dark shades and create the cellar impression of the place.
Natural materials that were used for graphics (wooden barell and a box, hay), symbolize the freshness and suggest natural conditions of beer manufacture.

The Old Brewery staff in a company uniform designed according to visual identity.

Beer identity - labels, bottles and glasses.

The logotype of The Old Brewery of Koscierzyna was adapted as a main element on lables for main beers: wheat, keller and dark 10.

The image of labels naturally resulted from SBK brand identity and was completed with details that emphasized the character of each beer, i.e.: darker shade of the label's collar in a dark 10 beer. What is more the shape of labels were matched with the selling rank with keeping
the uniqueness of the manufactory place at the same time.
Graphical projects were created in several stages: a number of initial drafts, final graphics
and at the end printing the test labels – proves. In a result appropriate label paper and printing technique was selected.