Visual identity of PKP Cargo Logistics

PKP Cargo Logistics Group is the largest on the Polish market logistics operator that contains
in its portfolio dozens of subsidiaries. During several years of cooperation with PKP Cargo,
we completed the foundations for brand strategy and brand architecture and a comprehensive visual identity of the subsidiaries of the Group.The key works included logo design, new colours of the company, marking a whole rolling stock and all elements of identification clothing.
On the basis of the PKP Cargo identity, we have developed comprehensive visual identities
for the subsidiaries.


Company open for changes

Prior to the change of visual identity in 2008 PKP Cargo had been perceived as monopolistic cargo carrier, the company straight from the communist regime, unable to restructure.
The rolling stock marking was inconsistent and chaotic, especially the duality of colours - from one side green on the other white and red.

After thorough analysis, two initial identity projects were created with different logos and colours.To illustrate the functioning of identity in practice, there were designs made for key components of the company.
By changing the logo and visual identity PKP Cargo began to be perceived as a brave company, open for changes. The consistent implementation of the new image, cemented the recipient
in the opinion of stable development and transformation into a modern company.

Visual identity of locomotives and wagons

Unification of rolling stock paintings was the most visible element of changes in the Company. There were over 20 types of locomotives and about 40 types of wagons changed.
For security reasons, on the front part of shunting locomotives, bigger area of a bright green colour was painted.

3D visualization, promotional materials

For the purpose of promotional materials, three-dimensional visualizations were made for four locomotives, eight types of wagons, vans and specialized equipment for handling containers. Visualizations were incorporated into high-quality pictures.
In total, about twenty photomontages were created on the basis of which our agency
has completed dozens of promotional materials, including catalogues and annual reports.

Presentation for touch screen

Interactive presentation is a combination of corporate movie and infographics depicting
the PKP Cargo Logistics Group with its Subsidiaries. Presentation is played on four connected touch screens with a total resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.

Website of PKP Cargo Logistics

In 2013, new design of the website was created due to the image refreshment of the Company prior to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) on a stock exchange.The website has been developed on the basis of designed earlier, the stock exchange key visual. Basic premise was the readability and functionality of the site, both for the recipient and for employees of the Company who edit information through dedicated CMS (content management system).
Before the IPO, IPO webpage had functioned, which on the day of PKP Cargo stock debut was converted into the Investor Relations website, which presents the legally required financial aspects of the Company.

Interactive Annual Report

Annual Report of 2011 is the first report of the Company, published exclusively online.
The idea for the report was to create a unique, interactive form, which is an interesting way
to present a large amount of data.

Interior and exterior visual identity

Besides paintings of rolling stock, the comprehensive project of buildings marking and their surroundings, road access, management car fleet and other vehicles was developed. Inside the buildings new visual identity was implemented on information boards and door signs.

Exhibition stand design

As a part of a new key visual design for stock exchange purposes, concept for an exhibition stand PKP Cargo Logistics Group were created. The idea for it is the modular design, which
can be modified according the rented exhibition area. The front part of the stand contains hidden, under a layer of frosted plexiglass, LED screen - which displays infographics related
to the Company.