Corporate identity of PGE Capital Group

PGE Capital Group is currently the largest energy company in Poland. Before brand strategy
and visual identity project company consisted of several dozens energy join-stock companies with their individual visual identity systems.
The main idea in a project was to unite joint-stock companies under one umbrella and create one comprehensive visual identity for all of them.
After presenting concept projects, one project was chosen - combining symbol of umbrella and eletric arc. Created comprehensive identity system for all joint-stock companies from the Group was based on a chosen sign.

PGE sport sponsoring

PGE is a nominal sponsor of several sports team, i.e. basketball, voleyball and football.
PGE Arena in Gdansk is also sponsored by the company.

Promotional materials

After finishing the implementation process, company started campaign that presented
the new brand. Campaign was run via TV, press, all-Poland outdoor campaign and via Internet. For purpose of promotion several materials were created: BTL materials, gadgets i.e. Company folder, informational and promotional materials about the ability to choose the electricity provider.