Koscierska Pizzeria

Koscierska Pizzeria as an integral part of the Old Brewery of Kościerzyna fits in its visual identity standards.
All kinds of fittings were designed: a pizza plate, paper plate pads, napkin holders. A story presented on a pizza plate symbolizes the process of making and consuming pizza: from sowing wheat and milling the flour to the picture of the restaurant interior. Overall is combined with elements of Kaszuby – region where pizzeria is located.

Through the production of pizza in a slow food way, pizzeria supports the brand idea
of The Old Brewery of Koscierzyna as a brand focused on a tradition.


Pizzeria's website is integrated with the website of The Old Brewery of Koscierzyna.
In a permanent panel on each subpage, in the upper left corner, there is a pair of decorative, silver vintage cutlery as a distinguishing mark for pizzeria.
Graphics (in a projection from the top), concetrate on distinguishing the freshness
of ingredients and on a suggestion of making pizza from the scratch.

Interior fittings - elements

For the purposes of pizzeria's interior design, selected equipment was designed.
Details of design take into account the characteristics of the place, pizza manufacturing process, as well as traditional motifs of the Kashubian culture. Projects on a pizza plate, menus, paper pads, napkin holders and bottle opener were created.
On the paper pad for a pizza plate pizza manufacturing-related trivia were applied to enliven
the awaiting for the order.