Brand strategy and branding
of The Old Brewery of Koscierzyna

For the purposes of brand strategy, audit of the competition, etnographic research and legal consulations according to the promtion of The Old Brewery and locally made beer, were performed. Brand brief was created which included i.e. vision and mission of the Brewery, competition prevalence, brand atributes, value proposition. For the visual identity purposes
the identity, symbolic representation and story of the brand were established.

Emblem & logotype

The core of the emblem (symbol) is formed with two bears (1) which reffer to the symbol of the town of Koscierzyna and represent strength, courage but also protectiveness. They are reaching for the beer glass (2), stylized on a tulip - common for Kashubian embroidery – symbol of agreement, peace and happiness. A barell (3) located in the centre of the core, between bears, reffers to the original character of the place and brewery traditions of the region. Below there is the date of establishing the Old Brewery (4). In the framing of the symbol there are numerous floral motifs that reffer to the characteristic Kashubian embroidery (5).


Applicated in the logo Knockout type was inspired by XIX-th century typography.
Perfectly reflects industrial origin of the place and reffers to typographic traditions interpreted
in a modern way.


Colours that were used in the company identity refer to the  colours of the beer industry,
the Old Brewery building and the region.

Creation process

In a brand designinig process, besides the Agency, we have included people from different areas: marketing, PR, graphic design, interior design, as well as beer manufactory.
In a result the identity optimum was obtained not only for the basic identity but also for the products from the Old Brewery of Koscierzyna and Koscierski Brewery. During the brain storms ideas that were born expanded previously created list of another materials and actions.

Exterior design

A complement of the comprehensive visual identity of the Old Brewery of Kościerzyna was the exterior design. It was the last part of the implementation at the same time. Works included i.e.: building marking – three-dimensional signs, metal details of finishings. There is implementation of characteristic brand's elements, like carillion-barrell or bear sculptures on Koscierzyna main market, planned for the future.


The investment's website was designed on a base of basic visual identity.
Range of works included funnctionality, layout and programming.

Website's structure was divided in certain sections according to the investment's divisions: brewery, hotel, restaurant, pub etc. Each section contains wide and graphically rich subwebsites that corresponds with the atmosphere of each.

Permanent element of the Old Brewery of Koscierzyna website is logotype's core – bears with the barell, located in the upper corner. While browsing the website the rim of the logotype's core changes accordingly to the section's type, i.e.: hotel – key holder, shopping centre – clothing label, brewery – ceramic cap.

Promotional materials

Design of promotional materials ranged i.e. in designing calendars, leaflets, brochures etc.      
As non-standard projects several gadgets have been suggested, i.e.: for VIP Customers:
wooden boxes with a premium beer and a VIP Card in a high quality paper cover.