Brand strategy of Fabricant

Brand strategy was based on a main market – Western European countries. Another factor was the reference to the past time of furniture production in craft manufactures where attention to detail was very important. The brand's goal is to distinct among competition, present creative solutions and to inform about high quality well designed furniture.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity was created with a non-standard tools as for a furniture branch. Unconventional identity, its distincness and reference to the epoque, create the story in which furniture benefits and brand is retained better in a recipient's memory. For the purpose of visual identity Fabricant LT type was created and used in logotype.

Promotional materials

Additionaly to typical promotional materials like furniture catalogue, non-standard materials were created: moustache on a stick or a business card made from wood.

Main areas of exterior identity functioning is bulding markings, as well as car markings and road guidelines. Marking a car is a very important promotional element. Vintage delivery car transporting furniture catches the attention of other drivers and pedestrians.